Starting Archery


Starting archery is easy! Archery clubs across the country offer try-outs and guidance for first-timers. Many clubs give guidance also in English and in Swedish.

There's no strict physical fitness requirements for archers. Archery is a fun sport for everyone!

Own equipment is not needed at first and it is not even advisible to buy your own bow too soon. Use club bows for a couple of months before buying your own equipment. 

Find your nearest club here.

If you are interested in field/3D -archery, please see more information on Maasto/3D -pages. 


Bow types


Recurve, compound, longbow, barebow and instinctive bow are the most common ones you can use in any archery field or indoor shooting range.


Special courses: Ensinuolet


Most archery clubs in Finland offer a beginner's course for recurve called Ensinuolet. It is a 6 time 2-hours course with emphasis in learning the basics of shooting with recurve bow. It also teaches in general the best archery practices like security rules, how to count points, what are the other bow types and so on. Courses are held also in English at least in bigger cities. In the end of the course you get a diploma and you can to shoot for the World Archery's white arrow beginner award badge.


Competing in Finland


License policy

You need a license to compete in Finland. For the license you need to be a member of a club which is member of the Finnish Archery Association.

You can also compete in Finland, if you have a valid (World Archery) license in your home country. In this case, local Finnish license is not needed. 

Licenses are bought in Suomisport www.suomisport.fi. The prices vary from 5€ to 83€. For your first license you get 50% off. 


Rules and competition formats

Competition formats (target outdoor / indoor, 3D and field) and rules are in line with World Archery. In youth and senior classes the distances are localised. 

- Junior age groups: 11, 13, 15, 17 (cadet) and 20 (junior)
- Senior age groups: 50, 60 and 70

Bow types:

- Recurve
- Compound
- Barebow
- Longbow
- Instictive
- Horsebow (instictive rules)

Local rulebook (in Finnish) you can find from here, World Archery rules in English here.

Harrastesarja or beginner's class is introduced as a new class summer of 2020. In this class distances are shorter and target is bigger. Archer can choose the distance of 30 meters or 50 meters regardless of the bow type. Target size is always 122cm. In beginner's class you can also buy a single license which is only 5€ per competition.


To attend competitions

Event calendar ie. list of competitions is here. From link saying "Kutsu" you can open an invitation (normally only in Finnish), where you can find registration details. All competition formats (target, 3D and field) are in same calendar. In 3D some competitions are joint events with Bowhunting Association (SJML) or Finnish Field Archery Association (FFAA). 

You can also attend Finnish Championships (Suomen mestaruuskilpailut) but in order to win official SM-medal you need to have stayed in Finland at least one year and be a member of a Finnish archery club. The same rule is valid for national record nominations.  

You can find more information about archery in English in World Archery's webpage.